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Operating for years out of the Eastern Cape, FAB Video Productions have won awards for outstanding work and have been exceeding customer expectations since 1984.


FAB has grown from strength to strength, serving the Border/Kei/Buffalo City area in the Eastern Cape province of South Africa with all its video production needs - private, corporate and also for television. We offer our clients the only privately owned production facility you can actually "step into" in the greater East London area! 

FAB Video Productions have kept up to date with the advances in the production field and we invite you to chat to us about your requirements.



The foundation and corner stone of your production


Adding extra flare to your production


Exposing your video correctly, adding an emotional quality  to your production


We film in HD and 4K


Crafting your story in the most impactful way


Licensed and original compositions carefully selected to set the mood of your production
Brad Coetzee

Camera Operator/Editor

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